11.3 Moses 11, Day 3


When the people of Israel looked at each other they did not see perfect people.  When the looked at themselves, honestly, they knew something was missing.  They could feel it.  A hollowness in their center, a roughness around their edges.

They didn’t like it.  They didn’t like it in themselves and they didn’t like it in others.  They wanted to fill it up and they didn’t particularly care what it was filled with.  Anger, pride, joy, self-justification, food, drink, idols, it didn’t matter.  They wanted smooth edges and an internal feeling of fullness.  Fulfillment.

Are people today any different?  Look around – don’t you see the exact same situation today.  If anything our dedication to our own selfworth and our criticism of others may be at an all time high.

But, what if we have it all wrong?  What if that emptiness we feel was there for a specific purpose?  What if we were created to be gears?  What if we are supposed to fit into something bigger?  What if that roughness of around our edges was there not for ourselves, but to connect with others who also have rough edges.  What if we are not a problem to be fixed, but a part of an amazing grand design?  What if instead of focusing on ourselves, we turned our focus to the source of power that can turn our world around and around?

When Moses came down and saw the sin, he took the golden calf, burned it ground it up and made all the people of Israel drink it.  Did it bring them fulfillment?  Did it fill up that hole in the center of their soul? No, it made them sick.


My Answers:

16. the work of God, the writing of God

They had broken the law (literally), they were not deserving of the gift of the law

He was left in charge, he had been appointed, he knew better – history before Egypt and eye witness to every miracle and plague

blamed the people (prone to evil), they told him, they didn’t know where Moses was, he stuck the gold in the fire and out popped the calf

same – blaming circumstances and others rather than owning my sin

11.2 Moses 11, Day 2

Idle spirits, idol worship

Waiting is hard.  It is one of those things that seems like it should be easy.  You aren’t doing stressful work.  You aren’t fighting battles.  You aren’t doing anything.  You are waiting.

But, we grow impatient.  We don’t like to wait.  We want to do something now.  We want immediate satisfaction and gratification.  We don’t know what we want, but we want something.

While Moses was communing with God, the people were waiting.  Clearly they knew that escaping Egypt and arriving at the base of this mountain was not the end-all be-all objective.  But they didn’t have a leader to take them further.  Aaron was not their leader, he was filling in as a substitute – more like a baby-sitter.  So they grew impatient. They were idle and instead of focusing on what was ahead and preparing for it, they focused on themselves and their wants and needs.

They wanted fulfillment.  They wanted gods that would move it along.  They wanted to go now.

They should have been drilling and practicing.  They should have been sharpening their weapons and honing their skills.  They should have been fasting and praying.  They should have been growing stronger: physically, mentally, spiritually and mechanically (tools/armor/weapons).  Instead, they were building idols and preparing for a party.

There are times in our life when we feel like we are parked.  We know we are not where God ultimately has planned for us to go, but we also know that God hasn’t moved us forward, yet, either.  So what do we do?  Do we use the time to grow stronger in our relationship with God?  Or, do we grumble and complain and fill our body, thoughts and soul with junk to try to satisfy our wants and desires?

Waiting is hard.


My Answers:

Moses was so long in coming down, didn’t know what happened to him, turned to other gods

He asked for their gold jewelry, he cast the idol and finished it with tools, he praised the idol instead of God, he built an altar, he participated in sacrifices to the idol, he called for a festival

The Egyptians – bounty from the Lord’s conquest

Talents used for impropriety and wickedness, wasted or misused resources.  Focus on self satisfaction, greed

there are no new temptations, just common ones, God is stronger and in charge, no reason to yield.  Use past lessons to learn

“your people” have become corrupt, quickly turned away from commanded and have made idol, stiff-necked, destroy them

Destroy the people and start over with Moses – I will make you into a great nation

As a witness to the Egyptians, out of memory of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, God’s covenant to them,

relented and did not bring on his people the disaster He had threatened