BSF Acts: Week 11, Day 5: Hebrews 6:4–20

Hebrews 6:4–20


The author speaks now to the mature believer.  Fruit is expected of the mature believer.  The time we spend as a believer on this earth will be judged.  Our salvation and eternal life are not at risk or in question, those are secured by the sacrifice our eternal high priest made for us.  His offer of bread and wine is everlasting for eternal communion with him.


13. a.  to be  enlightened, to taste the heavenly gift, to share in the Holy Spirit, to taste the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the coming age, to be brought back to repentance

b. Apostasy: renunciation of faith

c. (Challenge)  2Cor 5:17, Anyone in Christ is a new creation the old is gone;  1 John 2:19 If they were in Christ they could not have gone out from Christ. John 10:28 no one will snatch them from Christ’s hand

14. Mature faith leads to the production of fruit (the salvation and aid of others).  However, it is not the result or even the work to produce the result that is greatest importance, it is the spirit in which the work is done.  That done purely to benefit the kingdom is recognized and rewarded.  That done out of or for treasure is not.  I am encouraged because it is a noble pursuit, I am concerned because of the risk of being self serving and prideful.

15. a. Eternal life in and as a part of His house.  God is the eternal God.

b. My eternal life is not in question or at risk, how I begin my eternal life while still on this earth is put in part in my hands and I will be held accountable for my actions.


The ends justify the means does not fly in God’s house.  God expects results from His chosen people.  He expects teaching, he expects sharing the word.  How can we who are saved, grasping the condemnation of those who are not, idly stand by.  If someone is about to step onto a tack, would you not warn them? Why would God expect less of us when it comes to eternal life.  This isn’t easy.  When all around us Christianity is watered down to non-committal traditions without meaning.

What these verses remind us is that God has made his promise, He stands by His word and we will spend eternity in His house.  But we are given the gift of time on this earth and we need to choose what we do with that time.  Even more importantly to God is not what we accomplish or even what we do, but the attitude with which we do it.  That done is a pure spirit for the glory of God is pleasing, that done for personal pride and gain is not.