BSF Genesis: Week 20, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures


25:23, Two nations are in your womb,    and two peoples from within you will be separated;one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.”

He sought to give his blessing over to Isaac in secret

He sought to place the blessing onto his favored son, not the one God chose.  In Chapter 28 he again blesses Isaac, without any deceit involved and sends him to get a wife from a tribe of believers.

Obedient, but had same ditches to trip in as did his father.  He is noted as praying, meditating and trusting in God.  He loved one son over another.  He was blessed by God.

Time with God, trusting and obeying Him leads to blessings to bring honor to God

Know our inherited weaknesses and don’t trip

My Daily Journal:

I was struck by the way the joy of the Lord overflows into answering our prayers and questions.  Rebekah asked, what is going on in my womb.  God could have answered, you are having twins.  But, He didn’t stop there.  He doesn’t talk just about what is going on right now, but tells her about the future and His plans as well.

That abundant answer to simple questions is evident throughout the bible.  God’s answer to prayer over and over again is “I am executing the plan to bring my Son to save you.”  We pray and focus on today’s challenges.  God answers those, but also the bigger picture.

Illustration:  you are ship wrecked in the middle of the ocean, adrift on debris and you have a hangnail.  You pray to God about your hangnail.  He answers and helps comfort you, but also reminds you that He is sending the boat to rescue you from the sea. (Disclaimer: I am not trying to equate the pain of carrying twins with a hangnail… Just an illustration of the temporal versus the eternal).