BSF Genesis: Week 27, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures


To be remembered by the cupbearer and be shown kindness, to be mentioned to Pharaoh as wrongfully imprisoned

v23  The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him.

He had work to do for God.  A ministry to an unbelieving nation who did not know the one true God of Israel

Literally: Joseph was cast into the earth to be left for dead.  His identity (coat) was stripped from him.  His freedom was sold.  He was treated as a possession and false witness befell him, he was cast into a dungeon and forgotten.  Yet, he rose from this to a greater ministry, both to save the people of Egypt, but also his own kin.

My Daily Journal:

The means by which God directed Joseph and the lessons He taught him were hard taught.  Joseph didn’t sit in a classroom under a kind and gentle teacher.  He didn’t read leadership principles from a book.  He learned to rely on God and His blessings because there was no one else he could rely on.  Joseph didn’t learn grace and fairness from it being bestowed on him by other men.  He learned it from longing for it and seeing it come from no where but the Lord.

Yet, even in the darkest circumstances, even in the darkest dungeon, Joseph saw that God was there with him and Joseph learned to trust in God.  Joseph’s developed perseverance, patience, trust, character, forgiveness, and leadership from the one true Personal Trainer, God!

What parts of my life could use more time in God’s gym to be worked and strengthened?  What hardships and disappointments in my life do I need to re-examine to see God’s presence in them (He is there, whether I see Him or not)?  Where do I need to just get to work doing the work that God is giving me instead of spending time and effort fretting about my situation and unfairness I see?