BSF Genesis: Week 27, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures


He came to them in the morning.  He noticed they were dejected.  He inquired.  He witnessed (interpretations belong to God?) He told them what God interpreted in their dreams

To witness to both men.  To be remembered by the cupbearer and be shown kindness, to be mentioned to Pharaoh as wrongfully imprisoned

Rely on God.  Pay attention and be fully present each day with them.  Look for their concerns and turn them over to God.  Be honest with them.

It is not of man or by man but comes from God alone

The feeling of being forgotten.  But, also, the feeling of unjustness.  He was imprisoned in Potiphar’s house.  He would have been able to see all that was under him before but now instead of a slave he was a prisoner.  While Potiphar didn’t believe him (or did but had to save face with his wife) Potiphar continued to use Joseph and rely on the blessings of God delivered through Joseph.

Hard work, care, concern, patience, honesty, trustworthiness, management, presence

My Daily Journal:

There were a number of things in today’s lesson that grabbed me.  One was the pain and disappointment that people often feel when they are cast out of a relationship but still in the same physical location.  This made me think about the pain and disappointment divorce can cause.  Like Joseph and Potiphar, there was a change of relationship, but Joseph still lived in his household and still interacted with him.

Secondly, one of the men in our group pointed out that this was the first prison ministry on record.  An interesting bible trivia point.

Third, I was struck by how present Joseph was with the cupbearer, baker and God.  When we go through hardship it can be distracting and cause us to distance ourselves from others.  Sometimes we create that situation by allowing ourselves to become distracted by things we clearly do not hold in higher value but we let fill our attention.  For example, our family was at dinner in a restaurant and I noticed another table with a mom, dad and 2 children.  Mom and dad both had their phones out texting or surfing or playing games.  Who knows, they may have been texting each other.  But they were totally ignoring the kids.  While they were at a restaurant eating as a family, they weren’t present.  For us to be like Joseph and find opportunities to witness, to take peoples’ burdens and lay them at the feet of God (as he did), we must first be present.

What is distracting me that I need to turn off?  When do I need to fill my mind more with meditating on the word of God than surfing on facebook?

Our TL pointed us to 2 Corinthians 10:5 and the challenge to “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”