25 BSF Matthew Week 25, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

The greek word used for lamp in this parable is lampas.  That is important because it isn’t lychnos.  The distinction is that lampas is more of a torch than a candle or desk lamp.  This is the same word used when the soldiers came to the garden to arrest Jesus carrying torches.  It is like the difference between hi-beam headlights and a penlight.  The word that is translated as trimmed their lamps is Kosmeo which means to assemble.

I bring this up because when we think of the virgins with lamps we think of them holding small lamps about the size of their palms, not torches.  We can easily think about someone not having enough oil.

But that is not what the scriptures explain.  Matthew 25 says they brought NO oil.  This would be like someone bringing a lightbulb, a spotlight case, but no battery.  When it came time to assemble the parts, they were blatantly unprepared.

We needn’t worry if we have enough oil.  We don’t need to be concerned if our faith is sufficient or we have enough indwelling of the spirit.  The quantity is not the point.  The fact that we have any is sufficient.  The fact that we cared enough to bring some oil shows our preparation.  Once the torches were prepared, the groom arrived and they were escorted in.

But we need our own oil.  We will not receive salvation and forgiveness because we have christian friends or belong to a christian organization.  We don’t get a pass because our parents or spouse was a believer.  When the our comes, we will have either cared enough to prepare ourselves or we will have missed the time.  After that it will be too late.


My Answers:

All remained virgins, all invited, all showed up, all brought torches and wicks

people who call themselves christians, wise were filled with spirit and the word, foolish were “in name only”

Matt 7: avoid broad gate, enter the narrow gate to life even though only few will find it
Matt 7: build on solid foundation
Matt 24: don’t be deceived by false messiahs, keep watch, be ready
John 1: Receive Him and become children of God
1 Thes: Live in light, don’t be afraid
1 Thes, May god sanctify you – be kept blameless

John 3: cannot enter heaven unless born of water and spirit, flesh to flesh but spirit to spirit
Rom 8: If anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, they do not belong to Christ
Eph 1: Marked with a seal, the promise of the H/S, deposit guaranteeing inheritance

The spirit testifies for us, Christ knows His sheep and they know Him – have no concern of being “shut out” – I know His voice and follow