BSF Genesis: Week 31, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures


Worried that with Jacob dead Joseph would turn and payback for the wrongs they did to him.  So, they sent word (lie?) that Jacob told him to forgive them – Joseph wept and told them to not be afraid, he would not judge them but instead would provide for them and their children.  He reassured them and spoke kindly to them

Wept.  Received them.  Spoke reasuring words to them

God works all to His good.  No matter what, God is in control

1 John 1:9, if we confess our sins he will forgive us & purify us, Eph 1:7 in him we have redemption… the forgiveness of sins John 6:1-14 Christ provides (feeding 5000) John 14:2, my Father’s house has many rooms. Luke 23:43 today paradise

confession, repententance, grateful acceptance of the gift of grace

As an earthly father and teacher I try to protect and provide for my family and those in my care.  I teach them through words and modeling biblical values, worship and confession.

To save Israel from itself, from its sinful past, from intermarriage with canaanites and from famine

b. (Note: I answered this challenge question in light of what the bible says disciples of Christ are called to do):
2Tim 2:15, learn his word, 1 peter 5:7 pray, Eph 5:22-6:4 serve each other as family, Col 3:18 do all work for God, Acts 20:35 help the weak, more blessed to give, Act 8:4 preach the word wherever you go

My Daily Journal:

This was one of my favorite sections of our study this week.  After Jacob’s death, Joseph’s brothers get afraid.  They decide to take the approach with their brother that I’ve seen my own kid’s take.  They decided to “play the Dad card.”  “Dad said you have to forgive us…”

But Joseph’s response was amazing.  In response to the Dad card, Joseph plays the Big Dad card.  Instead of stepping into the middle of things and giving his own forgiveness, Joseph redirects them to God.  Don’t be afraid.  Am I in the place of God?  God has already used everything you did for His good.  What is there to forgive that hasn’t been forgiven?  Don’t be afraid.

His brothers sought simply get out of the hole they had dug for themselves. Joseph doesn’t just bring them back to where they were before, but he elevates them.  He doesn’t just say I won’t punish you.  He says I will take care of you and provide for you and your children.  What a model and reflection of our loving God!  When we dig ourselves into a hole, we repent and ask Him to help us get out of the hole.  Instead of just restoring us, he lifts us up to a better place, a place in His kingdom, and eternal home.

On the flip side of this is the lesson and reminder of just how difficult it is for us, like Joseph’s brothers, to accept forgiveness.  We repent, we ask God to forgive us and He does.  But we don’t.  Instead of learning from and moving on, we keep reliving our past transgressions.  Instead of leaving them at the foot of the cross, we keep going back and picking them up, only to repent of them again and again.  But, God really does forgive.  Psalm 103:12 says, “as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.”  This is a challenge for me.  I’m one who, while I know God has forgiven me, I haven’t always forgiven myself, and that baggage can hinder my ability to move forward into the sanctification to which I (like all believers) am called.  That is one of the reasons this was such a powerful and personal lesson to me.