BSF Genesis: Week 3, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures


It says there was water above, but in 2:5,6 is says God had not sent rain… streams came up from the earth and watered the whole surface of the ground

Gen 1 reveals the inconceivable bigness and power of God, creator of all the cosmos. Gen 2 reveals the personal nature of God, forming from the dust, breathing His breath into the nostrils of man, planting, watering, growing, nurturing

God’s power reminds me there is absolutely nothing that God cannot do with less effort than a nod, but that same God loves and cares for and created all of this for me.

We do not experience shame or guilt until we see things through a veil clouded by a sinful heart. Infants are not ashamed to be naked, they are innocent.

I think it is a stretch to apply this verse to Adam and Eve. Where they clothed in the glory of God, absolutely, for God walked with them, but not as a covering for something shameful, but as one carries a fragrance with them. They disobeyed.

The fall of man is not a one time event that we can blame on Adam and Eve. Each of us inherited a sinful nature and have continued to sin in a world that mankind has corrupted by sin. But Rom 6:23 – we are given a gift of salvation and the ability to return to our origins with God, living in His light for all eternity.

My Daily Journal:

Our dog loves to lay in the sun. She’ll find the one beam of light coming in through a window and stretch out under it. But how often do we, the supposed wiser, get pulled into the shadows by our sinful nature?