BSF Genesis: Week 14, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures


Not a contridiction. Price is paid in full by Christ’s work on the cross. We cannot add anything to paid in full. But, accepting the gift means being transformed, and a transformed life is lived out in the light, not darkness, in acts of faith.

We were all dead to sin. We all will die, but God’s gift has changed that back into eternal life

Yes. In my situation I was technically dead, my heart was offline as they performed surgery, but I was given a new spirit.

Choice to waver or be strengthened based on focus. Abram focused on God’s glory and was strengthened not on impossible situation and wavered.

Do I waver in unbelief when I believe a situation is impossible or am I strengthened in faith and give glory to God because he can do the impossible?

My Daily Journal:

The discussion of the Romans 4:17-21 in light of Abram’s response stuck with me, today.  When I am struggling, when I am facing difficulty, when there are troubles and challenges, all too often my thoughts and the focus of my mind, my actions and my emotions is on the problem.

Focusing on the difficult situation leads to wavering and unbelief.  It makes the problem the big thing.  It creates a dialogue of difficulty in my mind.  I accept a solution as being impossible and therefore begin looking for a way around, an alternative, or, sometimes, just despair.

But, our lesson teaches us that Abram’s great super power was belief.  Instead of focusing on the problem, he focused on God’s power.  Instead of accepting that it was impossible for him to have a child, he accepted that God could do anything.  He saw God as a God who had the power over the impossible to convert death to life.  Since God can do that, why do I give any power to my problem at all?