BSF Genesis: Week 16, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures


Everything – every possession, every friend all flocks, sons in law – But earlier on, they had lost their moral compass

When they hesitated, took them by the hand and led them out. Looked at Lot’s faith, not his application of that faith (2 Peter 2:7)

what had been built burned up but the builder escaped through the flames

Moabites, Ammonites: led into sin, wars, Included in Jesus family (Ruth); excluded from the assembly of God; but called to be redeemed

My Daily Journal

What a wasted life.  That, to me, is what Lot really lost.  We all are given hours and days on this earth.  By how we chose to invest that gift, we bear fruit for God.  In the New Testament parable of the talents, we desire to be a good and faithful steward.  But isn’t time an even greater gift than wealth?

Lot spent his days surrounded by debauchery.  There were so many “attractions” around him, that all in his care lost their moral compass.  Instead of a compass pointing to the true north, theirs twisted into the pull from lots of different attractions.  Lot’s loss did not come when the angels came, his days had already passed by then.  It didn’t come from the destruction of property, it had never had value to begin with.  It didn’t come from the death of his wife, she had died inside long before.  We see how the education and training his daughters had received in this land lead to more sin.  We should not be surprised, it is what they knew.

Lot was alone far before the angels arrived.  He was seated alone at the gate of the city.  When he invited the men to his home he did so alone.  Unlike Sarah, there is no mention of his wife preparing bread.  Every indication is that Lot served the men alone.  He didn’t even have the bandwidth to leaven the bread with the extra time required to knead it and work the dough.  He alone put together the meal.  He had accepted faith earlier on in his life and that faith had not abandoned him, but his choices did not lead him to the community he sought – he served alone.

Like Lot we have all made bad decisions and we have wasted hours of our life in pursuit of sin.  I don’t say this as regret but as a call that we can change.  If an investment continuously loses money, we seek out a new investment.  Should we do less with the hours of our life?