08.5 BSF Matthew Week 8, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

Stolen words used for unearned earthly gain.

The words of the bible are precious.  They are not just words, they have power, meaning and purpose.  But when people use these words in a twisted fashion, they don’t just deceive, they are thieves.

If I take a tool from my neighbors garage, I am a thief.  If I take credit for artwork I did not create, I am a thief.  If I take the Words of God and use them for my glory instead of His, I am a thief.

We may deceive ourselves into justifying our theft.  We may think that watering down the scripture is a means to get people in the door.  We may think that it is better to avoid the “controversial” parts of the gospel.  But what does Jesus say?  There is never a time that Jesus does not reflect the glory of God alone.  His food was the do the will of Him who sent Him and to finish His work.

What do you stand on?  Is it what you want to be true?  Is it what you would like the bible to say?  Or do you stand on the one and only solid foundation.

Actually, standing is not enough.  We are not just called to stand on the cornerstone, we are called to be built on it, as it says in 1 Peter, into a holy house of worship to the Living God.

My Answers:

Matt: Jesus knowing them (not His sheep)
Luke: do not do what Jesus says
John: refuse to come to Christ, do not have the love of God in heart, do not accept Christ
John: Belief in the Father
Hosea: rejected what is good, set up own kingship aside from God, made idols

The words that came out of their mouth were lies and for show.  The words did not reflect submission to the rule of God or a contrite spirit, they were stolen words used for illegal earthly gain, which does not carry into heaven

I am, myself, at times.  When I rely on myself and not the H/S, I lie to myself.  When I pray afterwards instead of before, I am being my own prince, When I put trust in men who look the part and sound good instead of the word of God, I live a lie.

That He alone is the Judge on Judgment Day.  No one enters except by His knowledge.  He alone is Lord.

Hear the words of the Lord AND put them into practice

They don’t practice their faith (if they have any at all).  They put it in a box (Sunday morning) or on a shelf (unread bible) and go about living their life with what they think is right or what they want right to be.

Isaiah: Lay a stone in Zion, tested stone, precious cornerstone, rely on it never stricken w/ panic
1 Cor: No one can lay any other foundation: Jesus Christ
1 Peter: Living stone, rejected by humans chosen by God, we on Him a spiritual house, holy priesthood

On Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand


BSF Matthew: Opening Night

My Daily Journal:

What an amazing night we had last night with the first and second graders!  These kids are so inspiring in their willingness to shout out the name Jesus, to confess their unwavering belief in Him as their personal savior and friend.  As part of the first night we passed out the questions and each child completed the first day including the question related to what they learned about the bible.  One little guy wrote, “Gses did 4 me” (Jesus died for me).

One of the things I love about spending time in bible study with young believers is that they don’t waste time and worry, they simply believe the word of God.  That was also something I really loved about the notes this week.  One of the ways the evil one attempts to cast doubt is to raise the question of whether the bible, particularly the New Testament, is reliable.  We see this teaching in organizations such as the Latter Day Saints or in popular fiction writers such as Dan Brown; an argument that the writings in the bible have been corrupted.  When we look at the world and see how mankind has corrupted everything else, it can cast doubt.  But God didn’t recite the bible word for word, he inspired 40 people to write it and He has inspired others to translate it.  God is alive and active.  God is the same and He is true and He uses human translators to give us His Holy Word in our language so we can learn about Him and use His Word to guide our life.  He does this with translators the same way He did with the original writers.  If God can use a man to write it with truth and accuracy, He can use another man to translate it in the exact same way.

I am really excited about the new format and tone of the notes this year.  I love the reference out to other books and materials (e.g., Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell).  I cut out the “Outline of Matthew’s Gospel” presented in the notes and laminated it and I’m keeping it in my bible this year as we go through the study.  If you are not in a study and getting the notes, it is really an important addition – the notes are good!