07.4 Moses 7, Day 4

Where are you in the story?

Some of the stories in the bible cry out for us to see ourselves within the characters and elements in the story.  I think this is clearly one of them.

Are you an Amalekite?  Someone who is aggressive to the people of God, bringing them under attack.  No matter what easy target they may seem to be, full of wealth but weak in strength or organization, this is still a bad place to be.  There may be times that those who oppose God’s people appear to be winning the battle, there is suffering and even casualties in the battle, but God always prevails. If you are keeping score (as evidently Moses was told to do when God told him to write this down), the score at this point is God 1, people who oppose God 0.

Are you a Joshua?  Do you lead others into the front lines of battle?  Are you in the mission field?  Then you must realize that without the support of prayer warriors who are away from the front lines, you falter in battle if that support weakens.  It is not your strength, but God’s that wins battles.

Are you a solder in Joshua’s army?  Are you one of the unnamed people in the battle?  Sometimes we can believe that if we aren’t a recognized leader we are less important.  Without you wielding the sword of the word of God, the battle would be lost.  But take care not to envy recognition, this lead to the fall of angels.

Are you a Moses?  A prayer warrior on a hill.  Do you channel God’s power to others by standing watch and providing prayer and support?  But even Moses, even with a dedication to prayer and holding the staff of God, grew weak and weary.  Don’t try to hold this position on your own, join with others.  Sometimes we think, it is just prayer, I can do that all by myself – but there is strength in numbers.

Are you and Aaron or Hur?  Do you raise up you arms to the support of others with arms upstretched?  Do you proactively accompany others in their ministry?  Sometimes we can hang back or get engaged in other busy activities and not be present to know that those we are called to support are in need.  Go to the mountain with them.  Be present with the leaders.

Are you the staff or the rock (or in our earlier story of the waters of Marah, the piece of wood)?  Are you the one who is present, quietly waiting for God to open others eyes that you are there, but upon whom God works His power?  Do you miss out on being the instrument of God’s blessing because you are too proud or too impatient to wait for God to call you in to action to perform His miracle?

My Answers:

The blessing of the Lord – that God was with them

Both were important but I would say the staff – when it would lower, they would begin to lose

Recognize the power of those who stand with God for those who are in the heart of the persecuted church.  Be one of those.

This (what had happened)

as something to be remembered, and that God would blot out the name of Amalek from under heaven.  For Joshua

How God is revealing Himself to me through my study of His word so that it might bless others