BSF Genesis: Week 18, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures


He was his only son, whom he loved, he was a patient and respectful father

Obedient to his father even to the point of carrying the wood for his own sacrificial death and placing himself upon the wood to accept the judgment of this father. Abraham was 100 years old, Isaac could have fought or fled. Took burden from animal, 3 days, final steps alone with his father, He was bound to the act by the will of his father.

Where God had mercy on Jerusalem and stopped the hand of death they were to experience. Where David built an altar to seek for God to stop the plague

Abraham was willing to give the life of his innocent son simply because God had required it. God substituted and provided a lamb, but ultimately that lamb became the lamb of Christ who took away the sins of the world (while it was still in sin)

My Daily Journal:

Abraham’s discussions with God and his faith actions are the book covers to this story, but the heart of the story is Isaac and the way he reveals God’s character and plan of salvation through His Son.  There are so many parallels: 3 days, took the burden from animals and carried the wood that would enable his own sacrifice, submitted fully to his father, an only son, loved by his father.

The bible is God’s method of revealing Himself to his children.  This is not a story just about a test of Abraham, it is a story of prophecy of God’s demonstration of His own love.

An altar is for sacrifice, for honor and tithe for the account of sin.  But, how interesting that we see that this very altar is the location that God repeatedly stops the taken of the payment.  He stopped Abraham from killing Isaac.  He stopped the plague in the days of David.  He stopped all sacrifices with His all atoning sacrifice.