BSF Genesis: Week 7, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures


Jesus tells us that he prays for us to the Father even though he is part of the trinity. I think it means that was happening.

2/17 started, lasted 150 days, 10/1 mountains visible, 40 days later raven, 1/1 saw dry earth, 1/27 complete dry – They were in the ark until God said to come out, not a day more or less.

God said to Noah “Come out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and their wives.”

I have prayed and God has intervened. I had prayed that a new employee at our company starting this week would have a great first day on the job.  When he didn’t show up for work on his first day and then called to say he had accepted a different offer the day before and had started with that company instead, I knew God was in control.  I assume he had a good day at his job, but he wasn’t not supposed to be part of our team.  It isn’t easy to rely on God in the short run, but I have to remember that God knows far more and better than I.

Today’s Journal:

My meditation for today was on stepping in puddles.  Our verses today made me think about how many times I get my feet all wet and how muddy my walk is because I rely on my own judgment to step out rather than wait on God.  Noah sought discernment with the raven and the dove.  I seek discernment with bible study and prayer.  Noah waited patiently for God’s word.  I knock down doors when I think the timing is right.  Noah found favor with God.  God’s grace shines favor on me, but I’m sure the muddy tracks I leave in His house must be very frustrating to Him.