BSF Acts: Week 17, Day 4: Acts 20:1–12


Paul continued to encourage and teach.  Luke identifies the team that is accompanying Paul (not a solo journey).  Eutychus falls asleep during Paul’s message and dies from the fall, but he is brought back to life.


10. To speak words of encouragement to new believers and the forming church and to continue to spread the news of Jesus to all who would listen

11. a. He fell into a deep sleep, fell from the upstairs window and died
b. To stay active in the word, not passively listening.  To give God the honor of being prepared to hear his word, not being too tired from other endeavors

12. He brought him back from the dead, took communion, and went back to teaching and talking.


This is one of my favorite passages.  One of my children’s program co-leaders tells a story a couple of years ago.  He was giving the lecture on a particular night when one of the boys (a children’s leaders child, of course) raised his hand.  Since he was persistent in raising his hand, the leader called to him.


“Mr. _____, you are boring me to death.”

It is so reassuring to any of us who find ourselves teaching the word, that this even happened to Paul!