17 BSF Matthew Week 17, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

1. There used to be a commercial where the actors in it wore shirts with their credit score in bold letters on the front of their shirt.  In a way, I think that is how our faith is with God.  When God looks at us, He doesn’t see muscles and bones and skin.  He doesn’t see facial expressions, hair styles, fashion.  He doesn’t see every time I have stumbled and sinned.  I mean, yes, He knows and sees all of those things, but His focus is on His Spirit in me.  Not my good deeds, but how solidly I have accepted the gift of Himself that He offered to me.  Have I accepted it fully, as it is, or have I only partially accepted it.  Have it accepted it unadulterated, or have I tried to chip away at the corners of the gift.

The cornerstone is square and true and level.  It is not adjusted by the mason to fit in with other dis-formed stones, it is not chipped away to fit into an opening, it is the first stone set that everything else builds upon.

When Jesus looked at Peter’s faith, that is what He saw.  He didn’t see Peter as supernatural.  He didn’t see Peter as having something above and beyond all other men.  He definitely did not see perfection or infallibility!  He did, however, see pure and true, square and level, faith.  Jesus is the foundation.  Jesus is the builder.  Jesus cuts the stone and provides the living stones to build His church.  That faith, the pure acceptance of the gift of the Spirit – That is the cornerstone.

2. I am seeing the message over and over again in Matthew that our words have power.  Far more power than we give them credit.

We/I can be too casual with my words or lack thereof.  Jesus taught, It isn’t what goes into us that makes us clean or unclean, it is what comes out of us.  The words we use reflect the content of our hearts.  This week we see not only that, but they have power.  Things we bind and loose on earth, have eternal impact.

I’m praying to guard my heart, to keep it true to Him so that the words that come from my mouth carry the Love of Christ with them.

My Answers:

Deut: Rock, Jesus, savior, but one they deserted
Matt: stumbling block – Peter putting human concerns above concerns of God
Eph: Jesus cornerstone of the teachings/foundation of the apostles & prophets (the church)
1 Pete: Living stone, being built into a holy priesthood

Peter at Pentecost beginning the sermon to launch the Christian Church on earth.  Acts 2
No Foundation but Jesus

The life of the church is not bound to the life of any man, neither Jesus or Peter

Peter proclaimed the good news and many were saved (3000 +) both Jews and gentiles

jews and gentiles

all disciples

Words have power – blessing and curse are not mere words but carry weight.  Souls converted on Earth will have eternal life in Heaven.