BSF Genesis: Week 23, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures:


He worked for him for 7 years before marriage and then had 12 children after that, completing at least another 7 years (likely more).  During this time Laban prospered, his livestock grew and prospered

Jacob honored Laban, he didn’t cheat, he didn’t run off.  He worked hard and brought the blessings that God gave him to his workplace.  Thus, the glory of the outcome went to God

Col 3:18 – Whatever you do, do it dilligently as for the Lord because it is He who you serve not men


He changed the field after the deal was made.  He removed all of the spotted and speckled animals and moved them 3 days journey away.  After all these years, Jacob started with nothing.

Running a business, writing and teaching, story-telling

By ensuring God is glorified in all that I do, that there is recognition that all work I do is for God

My Daily Journal:

God is not the God of church, he is the God of everything.  But so many don’t recognize that.  You can’t talk about God at work.  You need to cover up and hide your faith to not offend others. Etc., Etc.

But that is not what we see with Jacob.  Jacob lived his life and worked for the glory of God.  He saw all that he received not something he had earned, although he worked very hard, but as blessings bestowed by the Lord.

I had the opportunity to attend a dinner earlier this week where the speaker was Bobby Albert, Chairman of Albert Companies, Inc.  Mr. Albert presented about faith in the workplace and one of his points was very fitting in the discussion of Jacob and Laban.  He said, we would rather be a Values-Driven company that provides results than a Results-Driven company that provides value.

What drives your workplace behavior and decision making.  Do you have fears of loss that cause you to lie (like we have seen time and again with Abraham and Isaac)?  Or do you have the strength to do what is right and God honoring even when faced with hardship and adversity.  Do you treat others, with whom you work, with respect as brothers and sisters in Christ or do you take the profit of their labor and treat them as servants?

What drives your decision making, a focus on results or a focus on values?