17.4 Revelation – No Agnostics

No Agnostics

The beast and second beast come into the world to deceive.  But, in particular, I think the second beast is allowed to force a choice.

Jesus has paid the price of sin for all.  The gift of the spirit and of eternal salvation is free and available to any human.  But, many sit on the fence.  They don’t openly oppose God, nor do they side with Him.  By not accepting the gift, they, have in essence, rejected it, but this leaves an element of doubt, of possibility.

Satan does not desire to leave things to the grace and mercy of God.  God is the judge.  He is just and jealous.  But Satan wants no doubt and God desires to allow each individual to choose (not simply to choose not to choose as many try to do today).

The mark of the beast eliminates this.  Unlike the inward mark of the Holy Spirit, this is an outward and visible sign of a decision.  Those with the mark, chose it.  Those without, chose Jesus.  Those without chose hardship, starvation, poverty, being subjected to war and oppression and hatred.  It would not be an easy decision to choose this for yourself, let alone for your family, but the everlasting pay-off is beyond huge.

And, let’s face it, no one would have the strength to choose this path on their own.  It is only by the power of the Holy Spirit, to strengthen, to guide and to feed faith, that someone would have the strength to make this choice.  But, Jesus promises exactly this provision.  His promise is firm and true.  The power of God is absolute.

So for those you know (yourself?) who have not yet committed your life to Jesus Christ, who are trying to keep one foot in both light and darkness, there is urgency.  Now is the time.  IMHO it would be impossible for anyone to make the decision not to receive the mark of the beast without the presence of Jesus in his or her life.  Without the power of the Holy Spirit how could anyone make the choice to starve their family, enter poverty and face daily and constant hatred?

My Answers:

all authority of the 1st beast on its behalf, made the earth worship the beast, performed great signs (fire from heaven), to deceive

To deceive, to force a choice

Moses: To speak truth as commanded, so that the egyptians will know that I (God) am Lord
Elijah: let it be known You are Godin Israel and I am your servant, done as commanded
Jesus: They may believe, receive life, call on name of Lordfor salvation

a mark (the name of the beast and number of its name) on right hand and forehead, could not buy or sell unless had the mark, the number of a man (humanity’s number), 666

The Holy Spirit, gifts of the spirit, knowledge of God, ability to accept the gift of faith, eternal life, written in the book of Life

Scriptures speak the truth – Revelation is a gift to those who hear it, read it aloud and heed its words and warnings.