BSF Acts: Week 16, Day 1: Notes

“Drawing Christ’s life from Him by which to live every day is the secret of the entire Christian life.”

The Jews of Paul’s day, and frankly many religions today, think of the path of religion as a high wire.  Each day you step out onto the wire and do your best not to fall.  You walk the straight and narrow, living a life of balance and moderation.  The winds of change and temptation provide challenges to your walk.

But the notes present a different kind of wire available to the Christian.  Ours is a wire to recharge and power up.  The wire isn’t legalistic rules, it is faith that keeps us connected to the ultimate power source – the creator of the entire universe.  We live by faith, we receive Christ by faith, we draw strength and hope and assurance of a resurrection life through faith.  We share this faith by showing others how to plug in and receive the power.  We help them plug into the word, the church and the spirit of God.