The Pursuit of God – Preface

During the break of our study of Moses I am reading The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer.  This book was one that was recently referenced in the BSF notes.  It is a relatively short book, 75 pages, written in 10 chapters plus and introduction.  I would encourage you to read along and add your comments and thoughts. $6.49 on Amazon.

My structure in writing about the book for each of the chapters will be a very loose homiletics approach.  For those of you who are homiletic purists, I apologize.  For the rest, I hope you find some things that further your personal relationship with God. 

As Moses said, “Show my your glory.”




A revival is building in those seeking a more fulfilling relationship with God.



Current church teaching provides minimum caloric input needed to sustain life, but this does not quench hunger or provide sweetness some are seeking in their relationship with the Lord.


Part I:

Hungering After God is the basis for a small but growing modern-day revival

  • Within conservative Christianity, increasing numbers who hunger after God Himself
  • This is only hint of “revival” apparent on the horizon
  • Resurrection of life in search of radiant wonder (wonder is missing in our churches)

Part II:

Fundamentals and doctrines are important but don’t fulfill the hunger

  • Modern evangelicalism is focused on engineering and accounting instead of fire and glory
  • Many bible teachers accurately repeat fundamentals and doctrines day after day, year after year
  • Their ministry has no manifest presence or anything unusual in their personal lives.
  • This teaching does not fulfill
  • Orthodoxy is a very slender part of religion
  • Through great and splendid efforts millions today hold “right opinions”
  • But true spiritual worship is at a low ebb
  • Sound Bible exposition is an imperative
  • But exposition alone does not fill hunger for intimacy and satisfying knowledge of God
  • This book is not new or unique, aims to help those who hungry or light others candles with its flame