Living in a fog

I recently finished reading a book by Robert Bly called “Make Every Second Count.”  Bly is a business writer and this short book was a very quick compendium of useful time management tools and techniques.

One of the items that he discusses is stress.  We all feel stress from time to time, some more than others and some times more than other times.  But I loved the analogy that Bly used.

Imagine you are in a city in incredibly thick fog.  So thick you can’t see through it at all, even to the end of your outstreched hand.  Now picture that fog from ground level up 10 stories high and picture it in an area 7 blocks by 7 blocks.  That is a lot of fog!

If you took all of that fog, or more appropriately, all of the moisture in the air that is creating the fog, and condensed it into one place… it would only fill up one drinking glass.

That is how stress, sin and so many of the harmful worries and obstacles are in our lives.  We spread them out over space and time and they are a huge deal, even paralyzing.  But when we earnestly pray to turn it all over to God, in His power he compresses it down to what it really is – just a single cup.

The next time you read the scriptures about Christ being willing to drink the cup – keep this in the back of your mind.