BSF Genesis: Week 19, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures


lengthy travel, did not know anyone, no references, no recommendations, short time, personal risk

went, prayed, waited, chose to rely only on God (not his own preconditions)

Hiring and work. Relying on God to bring the right people and the right work.

It was a sign of having a servants heart that revealed the character of Isaac’s betrothed. It fit the scenario, task and situation.  Not outlandish or absurd.

That she had a servant’s heart and was generous and thoughtful and a hard worker

Asked God for specific scene and it was exactly presented

From Abraham’s household, from his hometown – not a canaanite

When he met her he did not know any of this

My Daily Journal:

Trusting in God allows us to trust in others.

I was moved by the relationship between Abraham and his servant.  Last week we saw Abraham demonstrate his trust of God through his willingness to obey even in a situation that did not make sense and tugged at his very heart: sacrificing his only son.  While the characters are different this week, the core of the lesson is the same – trusting in God.

We saw that Abraham trusted and relied on the Lord but also did the hard work to make provisions to fulfill his responsibilities as an obedient servant to the Lord and as a father of a son and of many nations to come.  When he was commanded to take Isaac to the mountain he embarked quickly, but not before he cut the wood, secured the fire, loaded the donkey, employed the servants.  This week we see those same qualities.

Abraham knew the promise God had made and knew that required a wife for Isaac.  Abraham sought to do the work to be a part of that promise, not to interfere with God, but neither to sit idle.  He wanted a great wife for his son because he knew the special plan God had communicated that would come through his son and thus his bride.  He wanted someone not only physically able, but, more importantly, spiritually strong.  He looked around and knew that person could not come from his neighbors.  Sin permeates and Abraham knew first hand the difficulties of growing up in a household that did not worship God and God alone.  He wanted better for his son.  He also wanted his son to stay in the promise God had made.  The promise was tied to land, Abraham was planting seeds in that land and it takes time and care for those seeds to take root.

But Abraham was old.  He had trusted in God and now he had to trust in another man.  He turned to his servant, someone who had been directed “to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just.”  He equipped him with gold, jewelry, riches, camels and, most importantly, the spirit of God and the prayer for angels to watch over his journey.  He put the future of his descendents in his hands.  There was no plan B – he said if you do not find the right person then you are free.

What this shows to me is that, yes, Abraham trusted this servant.  But more importantly and even greater, he trusted God.