BSF Genesis: Week 14, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures


He saw any reward, especially at his age, as of limited value because the one reward he desired was to have descendents so that there would we someone to inherit any rewards and to continue his lineage

A son. Your own flesh and blood. Offspring as numerous as the stars

That he saw not only furtherance of his name, but that through Abram’s offspring God would send the messiah, the savior of the world as promised in Genesis 3.

God is righteous and His promise/word is righteousness

Righteousness is a benchmark, a fixed constant that can be used to judge/determine right from wrong, just, correct, moral, pure. God is righteousness, He is the benchmark and His actions set to bring everything back into that state through salvation. Faith trust that truth.

Believed, credited it to him as righteousness, obeyed (offering)

My Daily Journal:

I loved the discussion and thinking about righteousness.  For any objective measure there must be a constant.  In our world so many try to deny that constant, while at the same time we yearn for it to exist.  Yes, it is easy to say there is no absolute right or wrong, yet, the same voices that argue that point indict others for not following a moral standard that they consider to be fair and right.

Abram hit the nail on the head.  There is only one benchmark of righteousness.  There is only one absolute standard of what is ultimately and always right.  God is that constant.  God is unchanging.  God is eternal.  Everything about God and Everything done by God is demonstration of what is right, what is true, what is pure: righteousness.

That is why weighing anything against the word of the bible leads to correct thinking.  The Bible is the word of God and the way in which God reveals Himself to us.  That revelation is revealed righteousness.

Shouldn’t I, each day, follow Abram’s example and measure all I do, request, decide, and conduct as simply a withdrawal against God’s credit of Righteousness?  It is an account with unlimited funds.