BSF Acts: Week 18, Day 3: 1 Corinthians 3–4


 Paul provides the Corinthians with the equivalent of grabbing them by the shoulders, shaking hard and screaming – you are going the wrong way.  By holding on to their world view, they fail to see that what they see as growth is not leading them closer to what God desires for their lives.


6. Paul was hindered by the Corinthians ability to hear, comprehend and process the message

7. a. Milk relates to the basic teaching of salvation.  Solid food is a deeper understanding of the truth of the word and being filled with the spirit.

b. We know that man’s perspective is different than God’s.  When we look at things only through human eyes (only from the perspective of the world) there is only so much that we can see and understand.  If we think we are wise by way of the world, then we should become foolish so we can really understand. The were becoming self-righteous in their faith, rather than being servants.

Romans 8:7; sinful mind is hostile to God and does not submit

Romans 14:10–12: God is our judge, every knee will bow and give an account

2 Corinthians 5:10: Before the judgment seat we receive ourdue for our time on earth

Galatians 6:8–9: good work for our own pride and recognition leads to destruction

8. a. Jesus Christ

b. The person whose work survives receives the reward of God.  A believer who does not will enter heaven, but will be lack the joy of receiving God’s recognition

c. Time wasters keep coming up – the things that take up my time that do not yield kingdom value.  This is an area of struggle.

9. Servants of Christ

10. a. Those with true spiritual power, such as the Apostles, humble themselves in service to saving and teaching others.  Growing in faith is not something to lead to a prideful boast it is an awakening of the desire and need to better utilize the hours we have on this earth for God

b. His letter is one of correction and teaching.  Better from Paul on this earth than from God at the day of Judgment.


Here is how I think of it.  From a standard world view we can look at God and faith and the Christian community from one perspective only – one angle – one view of the wall.  From that angle we can proceed on a path and believe that as we learn more and memorize more scripture, we climb that wall of sin that seperates us from God and rise higher than others just starting the climb.  But Paul is trying to help them/us learn that this is the wrong path.  The objective is not the climb, but to go through the gate that Jesus opened to the other side of the wall so we can see things the way God sees them.  When we do we understand that climbing over others isn’t rewarded, instead, helping show them the right path is.