15.2 Moses 15, Day 2

Hectic vs. Peace

My wife is a fan of an author of a series of organization books called the FlyLady.  There are several very simple principles she offers that at first seem trivial but make a lot of difference.  She teaches the concept of forming simple routines, and executing them consistently.

For example, one of her main teaching points is to “shine your sink”.  Despite all the “bigger” things that “need to be done”, you have to have a starting point and emptying the sink of dirty dishes and making it clean is a great place to begin.  She also teaches to identify the “hotspots” in your home, the places that as soon as one thing is left there out of place that is a sign to everyone else to pile on.

I bring this up not to necessarily promote this author, but to reflect that many, if not the majority of people, are living a life that they readily admit is out-of-order and disconnected.

Fixing this state is the gift that God bestowed on the priests.  The word ordination comes from the root word meaning to put in order.  The word consecrate comes from the root words meaning to be joined with the sacred.

While there is nothing wrong with taking steps to get our home, work, time and finances in order, the bigger goal is to get our life in order.  The only way to do that is to place it in service to God and join our lives to Him.

Like the family of Aaron, when we accepted the calling of God, we became priests.  Our old lives and priorities are in the past.  Our new lives are not only our own, but we are called to put them into the service of our Lord.  But we are not yet living full-time in God’s temple.  We face temptation.  We continue to sin.

But the message of ordination and consecration is not simply a one-time ceremony, it is a daily walk with God.  What are the hot-spots of sin in your life?  What simple routines do you need to establish and then execute them consistently?

I love the model that Moses sets for us to do this every day.  Many of us rush through showering, dressing and running out the door in the morning.  What if we consistently execute this simple routine with an intentional heart directed to Him?  What if when we bathe, we focus our thoughts on not only the cleansing of our skin, but on the cleansing of our sin through God’s forgiveness?  What if when we dress we think not only about what we cover our selves with physically, but we also think about putting on our spiritual armor?  What if when we apply deodorant, cologne or perfume oils to make ourselves have a pleasing aroma to others we also applied a coating of the Spirit and asked His help to make all the activities of our day be a pleasing aroma to God?

When non-Christians look at your life, do they see a hectic life that is out-of-order and disconnected, or do they see someone who is on the path of peace and joy?

My Answers:

We are – believers – those who have been called

W: Believers in Christ have been cleaned by His power, sacrifice and presence
D: Believers are clothed in the Lord, Dressed in while through the cleansing blood
A: Believers are anointed by the Spirit bringing gifts of the Spirit

Ordination comes from “putting in order, arranged.  This is being placed in a position of holy leadership.  Consecration comes from being joined with the sacred, dedicated or devoted as sacred

The places they would go, the things they would do, the things they hear would be right and holy from God and for God:

Dining and recreation purely for my pleasure and not (other than a prayer of grace) dedicated to God

staying there, purifying, sacrificing a bull each day

Jesus is the one and done. high priest of heaven for all eternity