16.3 Revelation – Opposite Not Equal

Opposite Not Equal

Being the opposite of something does not mean the two things are on the same level.  The opposite of financial wealth is financial poverty, but we don’t lie to ourselves and think that someone who squanders their riches is somehow elevated to the same level as a wise investor simply because they are opposites.  The opposite of physical health is physical sickness, but we don’t think, even for a moment, that these two opposites are equal in battle.

But, Satan’s lies through the ages to mankind has attempted to do just this in regard to the things of Satan.  We think the opposite of Good is Evil and we put them as equals in battle.  We think the opposite of light is darkness.  We think the opposite of Love is Hate.  While these things are opposites, they are not equals.

Satan is not on the level of God, He is on the level of an angel – now a fallen angel stripped even of his place in the heavenly realm.  He battled not God, but Michael and lost at that.

By standing against everything the King of Kings stands for, does not give Him kingship – at least not of anything of value or anything that is lasting.

What lies are you allowing yourself to believe about Satan?  How are these lies being used by the wicked ones to elevate him to a level far higher than his true standing?  How are you giving this one being, who can be in one place at one time only, more power and authority than is true?

When the Israelites were first brought to the promised land, they sent scouts ahead who came back and reported how the people of the land looked like giants and they (the Israelites) looked like grasshoppers in their own eyes.  In contrast, Satan is like a grasshopper who sees himself as a giant.  He believes his own lies and wants nothing more than for us to believe them, too.

My Answers:

Michael and his angels – the dragon and his angels fought back

present in heaven with the angels.  He is restrained by God (under Him) and he can do nothing without God’s acquiescence

God is all powerful, Satan has the power God allows him.  God is omnipresent, Satan is not.  God is All knowing, Satan only knows himself.  God is truth, Satan is lies