21.5 Moses 21, Day 5

God is a God of Life

The people had rebelled.  The people would continue to rebel.  Sin would go on and on and on.  Rejection of God would continue.  Offenses connected with the sanctuary and priesthood were going to continue.

There was no delusion that any of this was in the past.  But God also wanted to clearly communicate to His people.  But how?  He could have continued plagues.  He could have continued labor, signs, slavery, punishment.

But, instead, He chose life.  He had each tribe submit a staff, a rod, a dead piece of wood used as a walking stick.  Names were written on them, they were not manipulated, no hocus pocus.  Simply placed together in the same room at the same time.

But Aaron’s staff came to life.  One night it lay dead, then, overnight not only did it grow and bud, but it actually blossomed and produced fruit, nuts, almonds.

How beautiful this must have been and how fitting.  The same almond blossoms that the Lord had them use as the shape for the candlesticks in the tabernacle now sprout from the rod of the high priest.  The vessel to hold the light to come.

My Answers:

Sponsored an event: budded his rod and caused almonds to grow from it

Jesus is the great high priest on the order of Aaron and Melchizedek

offenses connected w/ sanctuary & priesthood, the care of  sanctuary & altar, only serve as priests at altar and inside curtain

From the offerings and tithes

It was temporary, ceremonial – didn’t actually get them clean.  Also: That they had a red heifer without defect never under a yoke, that they had cedar wood, hyssop and scarlet wool, ashes used for ceremonial cleansing with water for purification from sin