09.4 Revelation – God in the Center

God in the Center

Holy, Holy, Holy
Lord, God, Almighty
Who was, and is, and is to come!

This song from Revelation 4:8 is the perfect cube.  3×3, God exactly in the center.

Like at it like a sudoku puzzle.  Every way you read it is a perfect and complete summation.  Lord, God, Almighty.  Holy, Lord, Who was.

It challenges our thinking when we open our eyes to just how deep and meaningful this is.  Especially to the fact that God is in the center.  As the bible starts out, “In the beginning God”.

Even our thinking of the royal court of heaven.  When we think of a royal court, the center of the court is the throne.  That is because Kings and Queens may come and go and each be seated on that throne.  But in heaven, God is the centerpiece, not the throne.

And like a wheel, everything rotates around and is linked to the center.  Interesting trivia, in geometry, the center of a circle is called the origin.

So, here is an application and a challenge.  Take this square to your next quiet time of devotional.  Worship God in each quadrant as it comes out from the center.  How do you respond to the Holy God?  How do you live you life in recognition that God is your Lord?  How do you acknowledge that God is present, today, in your life?  How, do you bow in reverence to the “All Might” of our God?

It is fun and rewarding to recognize that you are worshiping God in the same way as the celestial beings encircling Him seated at His throne.

My Answers:

All persons of the Trinity are Holy, a perfect and complete holiness

All might is of God’s.  He is the Lord (master/king)

God is eternal and present.  He is not just “the God of the old testament” or the “God of Jacob or Israel or Daniel”.  He is also not just the baby Jesus in the manger.  He is eternal and eternally present

To live it out in thought word and action.  Tor give all praise to God.  To truly strive to do His work, putting Him at the front and myself at the rear