BSF Genesis: Week 6, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures


Methuselah lived 969

After flood lived shorter lives.We have brought more sin into us and magnified the ways that we live in sin. We have corrupted not only ourselves, but our environment and air and food. We have engineered and modified things for our comfort, without knowledge of all of the impacts of those changes. Gen 6:4 = God Said

My Daily Journal:

I’m old enough to remember making mix tapes on cassette.  With analog music each recording was a copy of a copy.  Each copy added my noise and hiss and pops.  A scratch or stretch on the media was passed through to the next copy.

In the same way, Seth was a copy of Adam, but Enosh was a copy of Seth and Kenan was a copy of Enosh.

But when Christ came to this word he was like a a digitally remastered man.  He came from the original without the noise, without the sin.

Our lineage as mankind takes us farther from God, but when we turn our lives over to Christ, through faith, we too are transformed to be copies of Him.