09.3 BSF Matthew Week 9, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

In each of the healings I was struck by the unconditional gift they embody.  It wasn’t “let’s make a deal.”  It was freely given.

There is so little in our actions with others that is unconditional.  So much of what we do is deal making, “what’s in it for me?” WII-FM?  quid pro quo.

But that is not the nature of the “feast”.  It is not purchased by anything we do and actions we take to try to take credit for buying our way into the feast are an insult to the one who actually paid the price.  It is an invitation that is open to all people, from the sun rise to the sun set, regardless of race or politics, origin or upbringing.

But when we are healed we are expected to act like one who has been healed.  Peter’s mother-in-law got up.  She did not languish.  She did not continue to act as one who is sick.  She got up and got to work.

Where do I need to get up and get to work?  In what actions must I become unconditional?

My Answers:

Faith, care for others, authority, trust, recognition of power and authority

Addressed as Lord,  concern for servant, do not deserve to have you, “just say the word”

Trusted in Him alone.  Prayerfully asked for Him to take all things over.

All people, Gentiles:  Mal 1:11, My name great from sun rise to sun set; Is 19:23 Egypt/Assyria worship together

Eternal life

The saved come seeking from far and near, but some “in the faith” have received their reward through their religiousness.  Good people don’t go to heaven, saved people do.

It is His nature to heal – there was no request or plea, He just did it with a single touch

got up and began to wait on Him

Is 53:4 took up infirmities and bore our diseases

There was a cost of healing – a power that was released.  But Jesus took on all human form and paid this cost freely, without discrimination and without recompense

healing is unconditional.  Jesus has absolute authority over any affliction (or anything else).  He rewards faith