BSF Genesis: Week 10, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures


That the faith of one man was enough to save mankind and all animals from destruction

I think we do – the wicked are any who do not accept Christ as their savior. Some of these are my friends, co-workers and family and I do worry for them. Not that God is unfair, but that they are unwise.

Yes. I have accepted the gift of salvation through Jesus and have become a transformed man, not within sin or wrong, but with a desire and longing to serve Him better and be a better example through it.


My Daily Journal:

How long did God wait for there to be a Noah?  Normally, when I think of the story I picture God one day looking around and realizing His whole creation had turned over to corruption and turned away from him.  He looks around and, lo and behold, there is Noah, one righteous man.

But what if it was the other way?  What if God waited patiently for there to be a Noah?  How long and how much sin did God tolerate?  How much pain did he feel over how many generations?

It made me stop and think about God timing.  When I say I’m waiting patiently on God’s direction, I normally think days, maybe a week or two.  How many hundreds of years did God wait?  What is he waiting on, today?