BSF Genesis: Week 3, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures


1:26 Made by God in His image to rule, 27 male & female, 28 blessed, be fruitful, rule 29 given plants for food 2:7 formed from dust, God breathed life into man, 8 placed in garden, 15 to work and care for garden, 16-17 free choice, 18 not good alone 20 name animals, 21-22 woman formed from rib, 25 naked not ashamed, P8:5 lower than angels crowned with glory, 6 rulers

That we are blessed: In life’s trials it is critical to remember that from the moment we were formed we were blessed and crowned with glory and honor, trials will pass, but life in God will last forever

First man, Ruler over all things (Gen 1: 28, 29; Ps 8:6-8, Heb 2:8)

b. Responsibility but not position. A failed leader. God did not revoke our responsibility, but we have failed to perform our job

That while we failed as mankind, Jesus, in becoming a man and conquered death, has regained the position

v15 to work the Garden and care for it

Work the harvest and care for the Kingdom on Earth. My services focuses a lot on the youngest sprouts in the garden.

My Daily Journal:

Work and care.  Thinking about the fact that God gave Adam, and by extension all mankind, work and care to do from the very beginning of creation stirred me.  We are often described as a culture of consumers.  But we weren’t created to consume, we were created to work and care.

Too often our only thought is on WII-FM: What’s In It For Me?  Even when it comes to church and bible study (i.e., getting to know God).  We don’t recognize we are put here to work and care and when we do that we get to enjoy the fruits of the garden.  I’m not saying that people don’t grow and there aren’t different churches that are better fits for families at different stages of life.  But in the big C Church – the body of all believers, we are all to work and care.

I also love how, from even the very beginning, those two terms go together:  work and care.  It reminds me of James 2 and the discussion in the early church over the position of faith and works.  In Genesis we see and even more basic command.  As men, created by God in His likeness we are to do work AND care.  Community service without caring for the spiritual being is a fool’s errand.  Having a heart for the Lord without rolling up our sleeves is also foolish.  We need to care for God as a child cares for a father; we need to care for God’s creation as a prince cares for his father’s kingdom; we need to care for other people as God cares for us – totally.  From this caring and compassion we need to be compelled into action to save and care for God’s people.


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