BSF Genesis: Week 3, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures


Iraq, parts of Turkey

Trees, pleasing to eye and good for food; work and care of the garden; free to eat from any tree but one

Free to eat from any tree buy not the tree of knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will die

Companionship, comfort, beauty of the plants and trees and flowers, great food, rewarding work and ministries

Prov 3:5-6: I fail to trust in the Lord, I lean on my own understanding and I fail to acknowledge him – no wonder my paths zig zag and are so full of hills and valleys.

My Daily Journal

Just a couple of points to think and pray about today:

1. Interesting that it is a tree of knowledge of good and evil since one of the items I struggle with is to try to take control away from God and rely on what makes logical sense to me.  I struggle to try to figure things out on my own, using my knowledge and my judgment and then, too often, turn to God to bail me out.  We don’t consider it ignorance or naivete for a child to trust that their loving parent knows better; we call it wisdom.  Yet, even knowing that God is all knowing, I still convince myself that I should rely on my own limited knowledge first.

2.  I don’t know if it is just how it translates into English, but I had not before caught the wording in Genesis 2:17, “but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.”  It doesn’t say “if you eat from it”, but simply “when you eat from it.”  What amazing love God has for His creation that He would give us the ability to turn from Him even with His perfect knowledge.  It was never a question of “if” only of “when”.

2 thoughts on “BSF Genesis: Week 3, Day 3”

  1. Why on earth would someone put cheats up for studying the bible. The whole point of studying is what an individual comes away with on their own, through God’s guidance. This is your guidance. I would love to know how you justify this.

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