BSF Genesis: Week 8, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures


It was the first thing recorded that he did upon exiting the ark into the new earth. Not seeking food or shelter or exploring or anything.  His focus was not on self or family, but on God. What a great “first step for man”.

My Brother-in-law was in town this week so we spent a lot of extended family time together as all the relatives in town fellowshipped. It was great to see everyone engaged in prayer, even having it led by littlest kids at meals. Because all the family in town is in BSF, we all went (including my B-I-L who does not attend BSF or church) and then had opp to discuss God’s grace in providing the ark and the parallel to Christ.  The fact that there was only 1 ark, one way, and the beauty of the depth of the story.

It was a pattern, modeled first by God with the first sin, but repeated and reinforced by Adam’s descendents. It does not appear God directly ordered Noah, but he was pleased by the action and the heart that it spoke to.


  • with shouts of joy and signing and music to the Lord
  • with a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart
  • with bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God (by denying self to sin and self-serving)
  • to walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself as a fragrant offering
  • By giving gifts (financial) for missions and kingdom work
  • By professing His name, doing good and sharing with others, submitting to authority, work with joy – all through Jesus
  • Like living stones built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood (brick by brick as part of the body of the church)

All are important. The Hebrews passage reaches me most because it helps define what I think the OT is referring to when it says “Walk with God every day.”

My Daily Journal:

Patterns to our day.  We all have snippets of them.  We brush our teeth, comb our hair, shave in approximately the same way each time we do it.  They are the things we have made a part of our life and a part of our daily action and movements.

Noah had a pattern of worshiping God.  He regularly demonstrated spiritual leadership in his family not by being perfect but by this pattern of worship.

I saw the benefit of these patterns this past week.  With family visiting from out of town it would have been tempting to skip our normal behaviors.  But because time in worship and praise and study was a pattern everyone (young to old thanks to the children’s program) follows, it was more natural for the visit to change their patterns and attend and participate as well.

What patterns of worship do you have in your daily life?  Do you take time to be quiet with God every day?  Where is God on your daily to do list.

I actually started doing this a couple of months ago.  When I make my list for the day, I now divide it into 4 quadrants by making a big x from corner to corner of the page: 1. God Tasks, 2. Work Growth Tasks, 3. Work Maintenance Tasks, 4. Personal and Family Tasks.  This helps me focus on balance, while putting God at the top of my list.


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