BSF Genesis: Week 8, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures


Be fruitful and increase in number fill the earth, everything that lives and moves will be food, accounting for human blood shed (“by humans shall their blood be shed” – capital punishment), rule over every animal. Don’t eat meat that has lifeblood still in it.

It is the blood that makes atonement. It is not for human consumption, nourishment or pleasure. It is the blood of the eternal covenant that brought Christ back from the dead, the perfect sacrificial lamb Heb 13:20-21, Heb 13:12, He sanctified the people with His own blood

Death. For in the image of God has God made mankind. Killing another man is to kill one with the image of God, i.e., to desire to kill God. The only just recompense is death.

1. We aren’t told why, only that He did. 2. I don’t believe it was only a deterrent because time and again, we see those who willfully disobey God (e.g., Israel in the desert after exodus) are killed. Some immediate (golden calf), some longer term – (wander for 40 years)

My Daily Journal:

Blood atonement.  Washed in the water or washed in the blood?  Huh?

Here is my limited understanding.

God deposited into man the breath of life, and as such, all life comes from the original deposit made by God.  In the original agreement God’s requirement in return for this deposit was obedience.  Specifically, telling Adam and Eve they had the choice to not eat from the one tree and be obedient to Him or not.  They chose not.  We have continued to choose not to obey.  Since we broke our end of the deal, the only reasonable/just action by God is to remove His deposit.  Removal of life is required.  Death is required.  But, God by His grace, made a substitution and the first animal was sacrificed.  Was this the same thing?  Of course not, it was an impartial and inadequate payment.  An animal is not man.  Nor could any man be sacrificed as a substitution for the sins of others because, since all men have sinned, at best he would receive only the just result of his own sin.  But Christ became fully man and lived without sin, the perfect sacrificial lamb of God, who through his death paid the price in full for all mankind because He had no price to pay for His own sin since He lived a life without sin. By the payment of his blood we are able to once again be in pure communion with God (at one with – atonement) as was His original design.  And, as we, with all believers, are totally transformed at Christ’s return, we will live for eternity in that communion.

Washing with water is an act of removal.  We bath to remove dirt and grime and the smell of toil and labor.  We are baptized as a symbol of cleaning the original sin we are born into as we choose to be reborn into the family of God.  But being washed in the blood is an addition or insertion.  It is a covering because even freshly bathed in water, we still carry the inclination to sin in us.  God sees our heart.  But by the covering of the blood of Christ, instead he sees the heart of His son.  It is also placed not only on us, but penetrates into us (This is my body given…, this is my blood shed…). This is the symbol of the spirit of God dwelling in us as believers and beginning the transformation process.

In preparing this week, I ran across this website on blood atonement which I thought did a great job of bringing together a lot of scriptural references.



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