BSF Genesis: Week 8, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures


We must be transformed, born again, born of the spirit. We must accept the gift of salvation and accept Christ into our heart, to bring the spirit into us and make a mark of adoption.  We must reflect Christ’s glory and not our own.

The image is of knowledge and attitude. Of faith. Putting on a new self – righteous and holy (like the creator) – i.e., image is not necessarily or limited to physical appearance.

We are brothers (both of the same Father and sharing the same blood). We have the same desires to be transformed in righteousness and made holy. We both serve the same master. If our focus is on seeing this then we would see our sameness and unity, the other things would then fall out of focus and not be seen.

To form a personal, close, relationship with Christ, held in His bosom. We reflect his glory and are transformed to His image in our thoughts, words, deeds, daily walk

God’s promise are not paper promises, but are written into the very fabric of nature. God does not forget, but we need to be reminded.

My Daily Journal:

Two quick thoughts moved me in today’s study.  The first was in #10.  The image that came to my mind was of a parent or grandparent cradling and infant in their arms.  Although he passed away many years ago when my son was only 6 months old, I can still clearly see my father-in-law holding his grandson in his hands and making faces with him.  My son stared in fascination and attempted to model the face of his loving ancestor, to mirror his smile and the love in his eyes.  That is the same thought that comes to mind with this passage.  When we are veiled from the face of God, it is like a parent needing to wear a hospital mask.  That is not the parent’s desire or choice, but it is for the safety of the infant.  But when the veil is removed, then we can truly see and interact with the face of our ancestor.

Second was the rainbow.  Now, many people look at science and our understanding of how rainbows work and see this passage of the bible as a naive and superstitious interpretation of making something natural be divine.  But looking at that same point from the other side of that perspective makes perfect sense.  We put a lot of value into a signature written on paper.  Checks and contracts must be signed and that makes them binding.  When we discuss something as being absolute, we say it is written in stone.  But even things carved in stone can weather and fade and be erased.  But God chose to sign His covenant in the very fabric of nature itself into the interaction of the light and molecules that comprise the elements of that very promise.  In that light (no pun intended), it makes perfect sense that this is the only way that God would have placed His signature.  Can you think of a more perfect way of sealing the promise for all eternity and to all creatures of every generation?


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