Top 10 reasons why Noah was a redneck

  1. He named one of his kids after a pork product
  2. He worked construction
  3. He spent every weekend on a boat
  4. He lived in a mobile home for a year
  5. When his vehicle broke down, he left it in the front yard up on blocks
  6. The first thing he did when he got home was light the grill
  7. If it moves, it is food
  8. He made his own moonshine
  9. When he got drunk, he got naked
  10. When he woke up with a hang-over he started cursing the kids

One thought on “Top 10 reasons why Noah was a redneck”

  1. I really like to read your comments and answers. You provide me with insights that comes with more understanding and maturity of God’s word than I have at this time. I do wish you had not included the list above. It doesn’t honor or credit Noah. In fact, it appears to be disrespectful. You have such a great mind and loving heart and are able to clarify so many ideas for me. Please continue in your loving and kind manner.

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