BSF Genesis: Week 28, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures


16.I cannot do it but God can, 25.God has revealed 28.God has shown what He is about to do 32.firmly decided by God and God will do it soon 38.find anyone with spirit of God 39.God made known to you 51.Manasseh, God made forget 52. Ephraim.God made fruitful

1. Dreams are one and same, 2. Seven good years, 3. Seven years of famine 4. firmly decided and happening soon

1. find discerning and wise man 2. put him in charge of the land 3. appoint commissioners to take 20% of harvest 4. Store up the grain. 5. Keep it in cities for food 6. use reserves during famine

God has made all known to you, no one so discerning and wise, in charge of palace, all people submit to your orders, Only with respect to the throne will I be greater.  In charge

Faith, discernment, wisdom, ability to speak to royalty, honor, truthfulness

The fact that he knew it was nothing he had earned or deserved, in the same way that he had not earned or deserved the hard times.  It was simply a new coat

Seek daily to do the will of God and remind everyone that He is all glory, honor and praiseworthy

My Daily Journal:

Did you catch the provision in the math?

Joseph is 100% confident in the interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams.  7 years of plenty, 7 years of famine.  Later we see him talk with his brothers and say we have seen 2 years of famine and we have 5 left.  It wasn’t approximately 7 years.  It was 7 years.

So, how much food to you need to hold in store from the 7 years of plenty to prepare for exactly 7 years of famine?  1/7th of the harvest per year for 7 years would provide the exact right amount of food for all the people of Egypt.  That is about 14.3% per year.

So how much food did God have Joseph tell Pharaoh to store up?  1/5th!  20%!

Was he hedging?  Adding a bit extra just in case?  Or was there provision in the amount held to expand Egypt.  Maybe to bring another hungry nation into the land of Goshen in the very midst of the famine?


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