BSF Genesis: Week 28, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures


They would understand the feeling of being falsely accused, his brothers had thought of Joseph as a spy for their father – a snitch

They would feel being falsely imprisoned

They would see the pain of separation

They would see the pain they brought to his father

Tested their honesty

Test of jealousy and favoritism

Would they stand up for a brother or sacrifice him

Test of sacrificial love

42:13 spoke honestly, 42:21 our sin, 28 God has done to us 43:12 2xsilver 28 bowed down prostrate, 34 feasted freely 44:16 we are all slaves 33 volunteered as tribute for Benjamin

God is Almighty and in control of all

grant mercy before the man

let your other brother and Benjamin come back with you

If I am bereaved, I am bereaved.

Trust in God and submit fully to his might and mercy

submission, thinking first of others (his father, brother), substitutional sacrifice, honor to his promise

My Daily Journal:

I took exception to one of our questions.  I don’t think it was Joseph that was testing his brothers.  I think it was God who was testing and training the brothers through Joseph.  Why now would we bestow the credit onto Joseph when all along he has time and again funneled it all to God?

With that perspective, God allowed the brothers to experience all of the things He had used to train up Joseph.  Accused of being a spy, falsely accused, falsely imprisoned, the pain of separation, the fear of being without any power or authority, being a slave, having their clothing torn, etc., etc., etc.

By living these experiences they did not just have to imagine what their actions had wrought, they could fully empathize.  They fully understand and, as a result, Judah’s willingness to be a substitutional sacrifice was all the more powerful when he pleaded at the throne of the almighty ruler.  (catching the parallels to Christ?)

Speaking of parallels, the other one that I enjoyed was when Joseph made Benjamin the cupbearer, by literally having him bear the cup in his bag.  He could have put any item in Benjamin’s bag, a candlestick, a ring, but he chose to have him bear the cup.

From this, first we are reminded of the cupbearer to Pharoah.  Look at all the parallels, he was thrown into prison but later redeemed and restored to his position of honor to the Pharaoh.  The cupbearer was the messenger to carry the message, when appropriate, to Pharaoh to set Joseph free from bondage.  Benjamin is the one Joseph turns to to testify that he is his brother to restore the family to Joseph.  The cupbearer’s actions set things in place to save his nation from starvation.  Benjamin is thrust into the same role with his nation – doing nothing but remembering and being willing to testify.

Secondly, we are reminded of Christ and the cup He drank on the cross to pay the price of our sins.  The fact that Christ comes from the line of Judah and Judah is the one giving the speech of substitutional sacrifice should not be missed.


One thought on “BSF Genesis: Week 28, Day 4”

  1. I really liked what you said , but also enjoy that although, Joseph gave all honor to God for anything that he did.. I also think it is beautiful that God reproduces in this man Joseph the likeness of Christ in his desire to help his brothers , without bitterness, and gave him the wisdom to lead them through experiences that would help them to have full repentance, so they would be free in their souls and could be reconciled to their Brother and their God. 1 Corinthians 14:32 the spirit of the prophets are subject to the prophets. Even as children of God we are not puppets we summit or we don’t to the moving of the Spirit of God. I have always wanted to be the fruitful bough like Joseph -Genisis 49:22., Oh that God would help us each to be submissive unto the Father ” shall we not much rather be in submission to the Father of spirits and live ?” Hebrews 12:9, really live. If we die with him we live.. Romans 8:13.

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