12.2 BSF Matthew Week 12, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

Are you sure?  Everything around us screams that there must be a higher power.  Every pagan deity, every “spiritualistic” movement is an attempt by men to put a face or name to this being that we inherently understand exists.

But is Jesus Christ the One?

Asking this question is not a lack of faith, it is an understanding that we cannot rely on our own intellect and senses.  John knew.  John had been present when the voice of God spoke from heaven.  John had been the one who proclaimed Him as the Lamb of God.

Asking for confirmation from Jesus is simply asking Him for clarification and direction in our lives.  When we find ourselves on a path or in a place in life we don’t understand or didn’t foresee, seeking confirmation of the Light of the World is the only way to not be lost.

Jesus could have said, “yes”.  But many men could have (and have) lied and claimed themselves to be something they are not.  Jesus could have said “my actions speak for me”.  But many have tried to claim such things with a “holy lifestyle”.  Instead, Jesus pointed John back to the scriptures.  He used the prophecies that John knew well as comfort to him that Jesus was and is the Lord.

Where do you find confirmation and comfort?  Who do you ask for clarity and direction?  What can we learn from John in taking our questions and needs directly to Christ?

My Answers:

He was expecting a different approach and personality.  He was expecting a conqueror

The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, the good news is proclaimed to the poor

Prayer for peace and letting go of stress and worry – brought me the story of Habakkuk

(29) deaf will hear, blind will see, humble will rejoice, the needy will rejoice
(33) eyes of blind opened, deaf unstopped, lame leap like a deer, mute shout, water gush/streams desert
(61) Lord high and exalted seated on a throne, angels singing praises

All prophets of all time have pointed to the coming of Jesus, the messiah.  John was the last, the one who culminated the prophecy by seeing and proclaiming the arrival of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God


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