12.3 BSF Matthew Week 12, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

I slipped in the garage the other day.  I didn’t fall, but, the floor was dusty and my shoes were not giving me the traction I needed for the work I was doing.  I had been out in the yard previously and when I looked at the soles of my shoes they had become caked in dirt, with the grooves filled in so the surface lacked texture.

That is how our heart and soul can become in the muck of this world.  We can become calloused.  We can become caked over.  We can see the word of the gospel but it does not have traction in our lives.

Jesus tells us to achieve true rest first requires real work.  We have to re-cut the furrows, the grooves, in the field of our life.  We have to dig out the weeds and stones and replace them with living seeds.  We have to prepare our heart to receive peace and rest.

But Jesus also tells us that this work is not for us to do alone.  He calls us to yoke to Him.  To ask Him to work along side of us and, when we do, we will find rest in Him.

My Answers:

Chorizin/Bethsaida to Tyre/Sidon (they would have been in sackcloth and ashes, more bearable for them than you; Capernaum to Hades. If miracles in you in Sodom, it would have remained, more bearable for Sodom @ Judgment

They witnessed the promised one.  They saw first hand the miracles.  And, they still chose to turn away from Jesus.

We have the full bible.  We have the full record of Jesus’ saving act, the old and new testaments

Revelation of God is only through God, not to be “deduced” by the logic of man.  While we have free will, that does not usurp God’s control and His desire to show Himself only through Jesus, His son.

a. all who are weary and burdened
b. I will give you rest
c. take my yoke upon you and learn from me
d. To be co-yoked with Christ is to be the apprentice with the master, doing His work with Him.  Through this we find rest.


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