12.4 BSF Matthew Week 4, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

Whats and whys are related but not the same.  Our bodies are always working.  Our heart is pumping.  Our muscles are flexing.  We breath and think.

The bible tells us that we were designed to rest.  That doesn’t mean sleep or leisure.  This story is aligned with the call to all who are weary to find rest in Christ.  We are called to work Christ and we are called to rest in Him.

This is something we need and it is something that brings honor to Jesus.  That’s the what.

But it also means more than just showing up for the rest day.  If you are invited to a family gathering and your job is to bring the mashed potatoes, you don’t show up with a bag of potatoes from the store and, in the middle of the party, begin peeling them.

Too often we think of Sunday as our day with God.  Or, even more commonly, our hour with Him at church.  But Jesus calls us to far more.  He says to walk with Him every day.  Work with Him in His harvest fields.  Be yoked with Him in preparation throughout the week.  Then, when our day of rest comes, we are spending it in joy and peace with Him.

The pharisees were like too many of us.  They got mad at their neighbor for mowing their yard on Sunday, but didn’t find the time during the week to spend with that neighbor to share the good news.  They judged others for working on Sunday, but didn’t lay up extra provisions to invite those working with Jesus every day to break bread with them.

A day of rest is not a sacrifice or a burden.  It is not giving up something or doing without.  It is taking on a higher relationship.  It is showing up fully prepared to a really great family gathering with our heavenly family.  Caring for and healing those family members who need help is not work for the Lord, it is joyful and honoring to Him.

My Answers:

Yes, they violated the letter of the law.  They did not take time to prepare to do no work on the Sabbath and thus were picking grain on that day.

Putting your judgment of these men above David?  Above the temple priests?  Something greater than the temple is here.  If understood “mercy not sacrifice” then would not have condemned.  The Son of Man is the Lord of the Sabbath.

It was not distracting or reducing the giving of glory to God by healing this man.

Jesus came to save, not to fight.  There is no need for Him to fight an earthly battle when He is victorious over death


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