12.5 BSF Matthew Week 12, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

Now we are getting somewhere.  The pharisees and religious leaders recognize that Jesus has super-natural power.  Literally.  Natural power is power related to nature, to the physical world.  But they have taken a huge step forward and proclaimed that Jesus has power that is greater than that.  It is from out-of-the world,  super-natural, it is from the spirit world.

There are only two possible sources for the power: heaven or hell.  Having acknowledged that Jesus was more than man, they then had to decide from where He and His power originates.

They chose wrong.  All of scripture, every prophecy, every law, every sacrifice, every word that they studied and taught every day pointed to and was being fulfilled in this man Jesus.  While they had dedicated their life to this teaching – they wanted more.  They weren’t satisfied with the relationship God had provided, they wanted something else.  They wanted to commit adultery against the scripture.

Jesus spoke to them very clearly.  He said the only sign they would receive was one from scripture.  He said, you have correctly deduced the situation – heaven or hell.  But, since hell and the devil makes no sense and can be eliminated, then you must acknowledge Jesus is from Heaven.  To not do so is to choose hell themselves.

Do you acknowledge that Jesus was more than a man?  If so, He is super-natural and every sign, every word, every prophecy tells which uniform he wears: a white robe dipped in blood and emblazoned with the name King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

My Answers:

His power and authority over demons

Prince of this world (John 12:31) will be driven out also John 14:30.  Baal-zebub 2 Kings 1 Philistine god, Satan, the adversary, devil (James 4:7), the god of this age (2 Cor 4:).  This house is the earth

The H/S teaches and convicts me of my sin.  If I had rejected the H/S fully, then I would not face such warning or conviction, but instead I would appoint myself as judge and judge my sin to be right and acceptable

I use too few words that proclaim the glory of Christ.  I miss opportunities to have serious engagement by joking.

Every sign and prophecy of the old testament pointed to Christ and was being fulfilled, in their presence, by Him.  But they wanted something outside of all of those teachings, some other sign

The sign of Jonah.  Jesus’ death and resurrection

We are not to be empty shells.  The goal of salvation is not to empty us of evil and impurity but to fill us with the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit.

In love and giving to brothers and sisters in Christ.  In coming alongside missionaries and pastors and teachers.  By walking that road myself and with my family

One thought on “12.5 BSF Matthew Week 12, Day 5”

  1. Hope you’re feeling well! I love hearing everything you write and praying lesson 13 coming today! Maybe you’re out of town or have company but I’m not going to worry just yet, hope you’re ok! God Bless you for taking the time to do this and helping all who love you!!!!

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