22 BSF Matthew Week 22, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

People often misunderstand the term “Fear of God.”  I don’t think this means a fear of punishment, viewing God as someone to cower from or to avoid so as not to anger him.  Instead, I think it means fear of disappointing.

I grew up in my father’s home town.  When I went someone, anywhere, the odds were very high that someone there knew my dad and knew I was his son.  My actions, and my mis-deeds, reflected not only on me but on him.  I did not fear so much his anger or punishment, but that I would dishonor or disappoint him by my callous behavior.

I think having that same type of fear of God is important and that it reflect love and honor and respect for our Heavenly Father.  But that is not whom the spiritual leaders in the temple feared.  When Jesus challenged them about John the Baptist, there was nothing in their thought process about God or truth.  It was all about fear of men.

Whom you fear reflects whom you honor and respect.



My Answers:

show us your qualifications, license, certification, authority – Union card, who died and made you the messiah?

Every day Jesus taught in the temple – teachers of the law and the leaders were trying to kill him

They decided to not believe John the Baptist, the prophets, the prophecies of scriptures

seeing don’t see, hearing don’t hear, hear don’t understand, see, not perceive, calloused heart, blind

Gentiles, tax collectors, prostitutes – others that were considered blatant sinners

The jews, particularly the teachers of the law and pharisees

Said no, but did: Same, drugs, prostitution, open sin.  Said yes, but no: Church going hypocrites

I was the later, but now am the says yes and does


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