22 BSF Matthew Week 22, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

I think it is interesting that the bible says that Jesus is the cornerstone and capstone.  It doesn’t say that He “can be” the cornerstone and capstone, it says He is.  The foundation has been laid.  The cornerstone is in place.  The capstone will be put in place.

All of that is fact.

But that doesn’t mean we have to build on lives on that foundation.  That is the choice.  We can build anything we want.  A shack, a tent, an ice-palace.  But unless we build on the foundation of faith, the foundation of the apostles with Christ as the cornerstone, our building will not last.  It may season a few storms of this life, but it won’t survive past.

The cornerstone doesn’t go away.  Imagine if there was a large perfectly square and level stone right outside your front door, right in the center of your driveway.  If your house isn’t built with Christ as the cornerstone, that doesn’t mean He goes away.  He is in the way of you living the way you want.  You can never ignore Him.  He is Immutable.  Unmovable.  A fact.

But step back – recognizing that stone is in each of our lives.  If you had such a stone on your property, you would not be so stubborn.  You would build on it.  You would not be so blind or in denial that you think you could just ignore it, it is a rock, the Rock.

We are called to build.  We are given the gift of a foundation and cornerstone.  It is only logical to build on that firm foundation.

My Answers:

a. God, heavenly Father
b. The nation of Israel and the people of Judah
c. Jews, teachers of the law
d. Prophets
e. Jesus
f. The Romans destroyed the temple of Jerusalem in 70 AD
g. His share of crop at harvest time

Psalm 118:22, 23

1 Peter: precious to believers, stumble by disobey the message
Romans: pursued not by faith but by works = stumble
1 Cor: Christ crucified=stumbling block to Jews, foolishness to non-believers

They build their life and faith on something other than the foundation of Jesus and the apostles

builders, who build in faith on the roots of Jesus to produce fruit and offer the first fruits back to God


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