25 BSF Matthew Week 25, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

A call to action.  It is used in advertising and sales.  It is used in motivation and investing.  It is a big part of being a responsible, successful result.  If you want something, if you believe something, then take action – do something.  An idea is nothing.  An idea put into action can change the world.

Faith is no different.  If your faith is alive it is on fire in you.  It cannot be contained or constrained.  It is producing heat and steam and it needs to vent out in service to others and praise to God.  But these works are not done as a tally or score.  They don’t earn points.  They aren’t done out of guilt or obligation.  Truly glorious, honorable works are done out of love for God.

And Christ’s expectation of us is so reasonable.  Note what he says of the goats.  They did NONE of these things.  It isn’t a list of all the things they needed to do.  They did nothing.  They sought only themselves.  They knew of the gift of Jesus, laying down His life, but couldn’t be bothered to offer a drink to someone they considered below themselves.

Might they have fed and given drinks to others?  It is possible, but for what purpose?  Was it to win favor with a higher up, a potential client?  Was it to be seen as a “good person”?  Did they need the tax deduction? Then they had already received their reward.  But the acts done for the love of Christ, those are the acts of one who follows the lamb.

My Answers:

On His glorious throne above all nations

All nations, all people of all time – everyone

gave food when hungry, drink when thirsty, invited in stranger, clothed, cared for when sick, visited in prison

Did no do any of these things

When did we see you…?

Romans: seek glory, honor and immortality (seek God) and will have eternal life – do good
James: faith by itself, not accompanied by action, is dead – don’t earn salvation but true faith demands actions
1John: Jesus laid down life for us, we ought to lay down our lives for others – not love with words but with action


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