25 BSF Matthew Week 25, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

There will be no extension.  There are no excuses.  The end time will not come until “gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations” (Matt 24:14).  But when it comes, the time has ended.  For some, the time to repent and accept the gift of salvation may have come only moments before.  For some, especially those already in the grave on that day, their opportunity will have passed with their last breath.  But there is a door and it will close.

To some that may seem cruel.  But I am taken by how honoring it really is.  Jesus is honoring the choice we make.  We are given every opportunity to choose wisely.  The bar is so low it is almost ridiculous – accept my gift and love me.  That’s it.  But we have been given free will to choose.  For Jesus to honor that choice is an act of honor and respect.  For those who have made the choice to reject God, their choice is honored for all eternity.  Can you imagine the pain they would feel otherwise, to stand unworthy and unforgiven for all eternity in the presence of the Creator who gave everything out of love?  Or to be forced to accept a gift they chose to reject?  Hell was not created for people – it was created for satan and his angels – but still some choose it over the gift of a loving God.

When the end time comes, when judgment day arrives, it no longer is a choice to recognize and accept Jesus for who He truly is and so it can no longer be free will or love.  When something is so obvious that there is no other possible choice – it is no longer a choice.  When Jesus arrives and is seated on His glorious throne over all the nations – there just aren’t going to be any other viable options other than to recognize Him for who He is.  At that point, it is too late to choose.

But, today, Jesus has already made it so plain and so simple – accept the gift and love me.  Judgment, eternal life, preparation, stewardship, sheep and goats… It is all about Love.  Love is not forced or manipulated.  Love must be freely offered or it is not love, it is just obligation.  Love the Lord your God.  Love your neighbor.  Jesus is that neighbor – when you love your neighbor in Jesus’ name you are loving Jesus.  One of the few places in the bible that we are given a clear definition of WHY God does what He does is in John 3:16:  For God so loved the world…

And the response is so simple.  Any amount of oil would have been honored.  Any return on investment would have been cherished.  Any act of kindness done in His name.  Any lamb DNA at all would have been recognized as a child of the lamb.

None of this is a question of “if”.  The only thing we don’t know is when.  To not take action is utter foolishness, it is living a life of delusion and denial.

My Answers:

they are truly eternal – for ever

10 – bridegroom will arrive and door will shut
21,23 – share in master’s happiness – rewards for faithfulness, put in charge of much
34 – blessed by God, take your inheritance – the kingdom prepared since creation

12 – separation from God – “I don’t know you”30 – thrown outside into the darkness – weeping and gnashing of teeth
41 – depart from me – cursed, eternal fire prepared for devil and his angels

There is a time, but it has a fixed ending at which point you are either welcomed or shut out – there are no extensions!  No oil, no ROI, not sheep

His true justice.  His willingness to honor mans’ choices even through the pain it causes Him


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