26 BSF Matthew Week 26, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

In the first verses of Matthew 26 we see the parables of Matthew 25 lived out.  The wise virgins and the foolish virgins.  The servants with the talents.  The wicked and lazy servant and the good and faithful servant.  Nowhere is this contrast as evident as in the lives and love of Mary and Judas.

Mary performs the ultimate Gatorade moment for Jesus.  When she breaks open the bottle of perfume and pours it over our savior’s head, it reminded me of joyful football players dousing their coach in the fourth quarter of a championship football game.  What joy and dedication.

I thought it was also interesting that Judas did not have an issue with Mary giving away the perfume.  He was fine with it being a donation to the poor.  He and the disciples evidently felt the poor were more deserving than Jesus.

My Answers:

She had a heart filled with love for Jesus and followed her heart. She didn’t follow the direction of His apostles or the teachers. She didn’t hold back because of cost. She simply poured herself out to Him.

1. resentment can be masked in “good works”, 2. what we value reflects our values

It was the price of restitution for a life of a slave, the amount Zechariah threw to the potter

It was an anointing of Jesus. What is its value outside of this world? It was a demonstration of unrestrained love.

A balance of time with family, work pressures, other volunteer. When you commit to BSF, then every obstacle is thrown in your way – but turning those over to God resolves them


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