02 Hebrews Homiletics: Hebrews 2

AIM: Jesus is the perfect pioneer, pastor and priest

I. Drifting from salvation is sin

1. Pay attention, don’t drift
2-3a. Drift from salvation worse than drifting from the Law

a. How do I “drift from salvation”?
b. Do I live each moment of each day as someone who has been saved?
c. Do I rely on my self for direction instead of my guide?

II. Jesus is the perfect pioneer who crossed through death into glory

3b-4. Salvation: Lord announced, witnesses confirmed, God signs/miracles, Holy Spirit gifts
5-8. New world will be subject to men not angels (physical vs. spiritual)
9. See Jesus there now: made man, tasted death for all, crowned glory
10. God made perfect pioneer through suffering bring many to glory
11-13. Maker and Man are the same family
14-15. Man Jesus broke the power of death – Mankind has freedom path

a. Do I want glory? If so, why am I so slow in following the one path?
b. Do I treat God as family?  He did so for me.
c. Am I living as a relative to the perfect pioneer?
d. Do I try to “blaze my own path” only to drift from the one true course?

III. Jesus continues as our guide/pastor and intercessor/priest to help drifters

16-17. Became flesh to be the high priest for flesh, not angels/spirit
18. Jesus suffered temptation so He can help the tempted

a. Do I delineate physical things from spiritual things?  If so, in which do I put Jesus?
b. Am I living a life as one who is free of death?  Why do I worry?
c. The best way to honor the “perfect pioneer” is to follow His path – am I doing that or just meandering about or settling in?
d. Do I think of Jesus as far away at the end of the line or as a living guide and protector with me along the journey?


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