03 Hebrews Homiletics: Hebrews 3

Aim: Holy Spirit calls us each day to avoid sin and an unbelieving heart

I. Moses was faithful IN but Jesus is faithful OVER the body of believers

1. Called, fix thought son apostle & High Priest Jesus
2. Jesus & Moses both faithful to the Appointer
3, 4. Jesus > Moses, Builder > House, God builds all
5, 6a. Moses faithful in House, Jesus over house
6b. The faithful = the House


  1. Focus on Jesus
  2. Jesus is an apostle (from God to us)
  3. Jesus is the High Priest (from us to God)
  4. Jesus > Moses
  5. The faithful are the House of God


  1. Do I elevate Jesus above all else in my life?
  2. Like beams and rafters, how am I connecting with, supporting and being supported by other faithful in the House of God?
  3. Are there things or people in my life I am relying on more than Christ?

II. Daily obedience and a believing heart, not heritage, are keys to our share in Christ

7-9. Holy Spirit: Don’t harden heart like those in the wilderness
10-11 (1) Going astray (2) not knowing ways => anger => rest denied
12. Avoid a sinful, unbelieving heart
13-15. Encourage each other to stay true Today (one day at a time)
16. Those chosen for exodus heard but rebelled
17-18. Same sinned, disobeyed, died, rest denied
19. Unbelief => wrath


  1. Going astray = sin
  2. Not knowing God’s ways = unbelieving heart
  3. Result of sin and unbelieving heart is God’s wrath = rest denied


  1. How am I encouraging others to stay true Today
  2. Am I taking my faith walk one day at a time, focusing on being obedient and faithful TODAY?
  3. How strong is my conviction?  Am I holding firmly to the very end or do I weaken and waiver?

Summary Statement:

This letter to the Hebrews warns all that Jesus is over Moses (or any other man) and daily faith and obedience, not our heritage, determines our heavenly confidence.

Additional commentary:

I really fell in love with Hebrews 3:13, “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.”

This verse epitomizes the Christian version of “Carpe Diem.”  We are called to sieze the day, but not for our own gain, not for our own satisfaction or elevation, but instead to encourage one another.  Society tells us to grab and take.  Hebrews 3:13 tells us to grab and hold fast to each other.  Verse 14 expands on this idea with the idea that we “share in Christ.”  and to “hold our conviction firmly to the very end.”

We, the faithful, like Moses and every other believer are in God’s house.  And like the beams and rafters, we stand stronger on the firm foundation of Christ’s sacrifice by connecting with, supporting and being supported by others who also are in the House.  What an amazing and beautiful house, Jesus, the master over the house, is building with each addition.  But If I allow my faith to be warped, if I weaken my hold on the convictions of faith, if I pull away from the foundation, I weaken not only myself but the others I should be connecting with.  My focus needs to be on “Today”.  Not what I did or didn’t do last week; not on what I will or won’t do tomorrow or next year, but on being obedient and holding fast to faith Today.



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